HELP!!! Fuengiroli,La Cala,Malagi

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 HELP!!! Fuengiroli,La Cala,Malagi Empty HELP!!! Fuengiroli,La Cala,Malagi

Mensaje por issey32 el Vie Sep 07, 2012 11:56 am

My friend, from polish cat forum, is current on the holiday on Fuengiroli,La Cala,Malagi. There is a very dramatic situation with cats. Some of them are pregnant, some of them are breast-feeding with kittens. Some of kittens are sick and have herpesvirus. She tries to help them, but there is a constant need help.
She is looking for person/people, who are volunteers of any animal fundation, which help to limit population and take care of the sick cats. Would be the best polish volunteer, who can speak spanish, but everyone, who can help, is welcome. Can someone call to Canes or PAD to explain all situation?
She stay in this place until 12.09. My friend do not speak spanish and english, but she has the big heart for cats.
Is someone, who can help? Please...


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